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About us

Since graduating a in outdoor adventure in 2012, company director Alan spent his time building skills and knowledge working in a variety of roles in the adventure industry & completing personal adventure challenges. 

In 2019 Alan returned to the UK after spending 2 years hiking & cycling in New Zealand. 2020 was due to be a return to adventure work, but as we all know that year had different plans for everyone.

Loosing his job as a cycle guide Alan decided to follow a dream of beginning his own family business venture. With an ethos of environmental harmony, community development & a pure lust for adventure.

The Adventure Support Specialist provides high quality adventure tours and development courses. Designed with 10 years of industry & educational knowledge. Ensuring you leave with the increased confidence to take on new challenges.

We are passionate about the ability adventures and being in the outdoor environment have to develop our personal, social, environmental understanding & wellbeing. 

You are the heart and soul of your adventure. Our expert guides, instructors & support staff are better described as facilitators, enabling you. 

We ensure adventure authenticity by uniquely tailoring your experience. Providing the support you require, from fully supported experiences to baggage transfers.

A portion of sales of each tour is donated to the local mountain rescue or air ambulance services. TASS also support community adventure projects such as the Wych Lodge Bike Park project near Taunton. Supporting the community in the creation of a new mountain bike facility. TASS donates time, money and skills to help the newly formed Wych Lodge Bike Park become self sustaining community success.

We are also delighted in supporting charity fundraisers to achieve their goal. Whether participating as an individual or as a larger group or organsiation. We offer a second to none service at excellent value allowing our charity partners to maximise fundraising from events. 

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